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-Important Announcement-

Adopt A Cat Texas has fallen on hard times and we have lost a steady amount of Volunteer(s) and Donators. Please, consider donating your time, money, or something on our list. If, you can’t find a way to help but would still like too. Please, send us a message!

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Donations have made it possible for Adopt A Cat, Inc. (AAC) to provide shelter and sanctuary for cats in the greater Houston area for nearly 20 years. With your ongoing support, we can continue to provide a NO-KILL alternative for these deserving felines!

Emergency medical care is often needed and can be very expensive. We kindly ask for your generous support to help cover these costs so we can begin the rehabilitation of these kitties and get them into the Adoption Program.

Donations Wish List

The shelter is in need various materials and supplies — and they’re easy to donate right from your computer using our Adopt A Cat Amazon Wish List!

The shelter is also in need of these items:
$68,000 to pay off the shelter mortgage!

Wishlist Continued –>

Wishlist Continued

  • Lawn mower
  • Weed-eater
  • Gas range
  • Gift cards for Petco, PetSmart, Office Depot, Staples, Target, Home Depot and/or Lowe’s
  • Donated Services such as lawn care, home/shelter repair, home/shelter cleaning, vet care, cat bathing/grooming care
  • Premium cat food (Nutro, Science Diet, Wysong, Eukanuba, ProPlan, Purina One, Special Diets)
  • Gently used towels for cages
  • Newspaper
  • Cat nip and cat toys
  • Postage stamps, envelopes and computer paper
  • Stone or wooden picnic table
  • Paper towels, trash bags (all sizes)
  • Functioning tools and appliances

Cash Donations

Cash donations are always greatly appreciated!
Please make checks
payable to Adopt A Cat, Inc.

Adopt A Cat, Inc.
17319 Bamwood Rd.
Houston, TX  77090

If you have something not listed that you think the shelter could use, please email or call us (281-580-6652).